The IDESCOMlab project works as a laboratory for the accomplishment of collaborative processes, which aim at initiatives of training and insertion of assets in professional life.

IDESCOMlab is in pre-launch of its experimental phase, which should run from September 2018 to August 2020.

In the experimental phase, IDESCOMlab will be developed in two sectors of professional activity and in delimited geographical areas (both still to be determined).

The following results are expected:

 - Identification of both the needs of qualified personnel, by sectors, in the areas under study asnd of specific training needs for the insertion or reintegration of young people and the unemployed in these sectors and in those areas.

- The promotion and development of collaborative training projects between companies in the sector and training entities to ensure qualification offerings with potential for insertion, or professional reintegration into the sector, preferably in the areas where the project is taking place.

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