As possibilidades de negócio para as empresas portuguesas neste mercado são inúmeras. Desde o setor alimentar, ao automóvel e de outros transportes, ao vestuário, máquinas e aparelhos, minerais, metais, químicos, ótica e precisão, e muitos outros, a Suécia oferece um ambiente muito favorável às empresas portuguesas.


The EACN Business Talks is a series of webinars where companies present their product or services. Organised by EACN, presentations are open to companies and institutions that are member of at least one EACN cluster. The webinars will be promoted and accessible to whoever wants to attend.

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The event sets itself as an opportunity for some of the industry’s expert thought leaders to converge and provide hot takes on the latest developments within the European R&I Battery domain, exchange views on key strategic approaches to deploying crucial technologies, and assess future R&I needs for a more competitive and sustainable European battery value-chain.